Multiscale Parenchymal Tethering Analysis


Professor Donald P. Gaver (Biomedical Engineering) and researcher Jason Ryans study the mechanics of alveoli in the lung to determine novel strategies to prevent ventilator-induced lung injury.

Alveoli in the lung

Tulane HPC Contribution

HPC staff member and Computational Scientist Hideki Fujioka wrote programs to simulate alveoli mechanics. Due to the complexity of the system, CPU and memory available on standard workstations were insufficient to run the program. Instead, Hideki optimized the code to run on Cypress, taking advantage of Cypress’s ability to do parallel processing with many CPUs across multiple machines. Without Cypress this project would not be possible, but Cypress allowed complex simulations to be done within days, allowing Gaver and Ryans be much more productive.


  • Donald P. Gaver (Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  • Jason Ryans (Research Assistant, Biomedical Engineering, currently at US FDA)
  • Hideki Fujioka (Computational Scientist, Tulane HPC)

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