Tulane HPC Highlights

Many Tulane research projects depend on Cypress and Tulane’s HPC services. The following list is a sample of projects that were made possible by access to Cypress and our HPC consulting services.

Financial Market Trade Data Analysis (2019)
David Lesmond, Chuan Wang, Hoang Tran

Multiscale Parenchymal Tethering Analysis (2019)
Donald P. Gaver, Jason Ryans, Hideki Fujioka

High Temperature Superconductors (2018)
Jianwei Sun, Yubo Zhang, and James Furness

Tulane Cancer Center NGS Analysis Core (2014-ongoing)
Erik Flemington, Melody Baddoo, Nathan Ungerleider, Carl Baribault, Hoang Tran

Please contact us if you would like to share your own Cypress research highlights, or if you would like assistance with your own computational research projects.